Theia Moira is a creative agency that helps brands communicate in a more personal way. We have an uncanny ability to unearth your unique greatness to create captivating brand stories that connect deeply with customers.
We are specializing in creating custom brochures, logos, annual reports, magazines and professional websites, to help you reach a diverse multilingual audience.
In today’s business world, companies need to communicate with an extensive and varied group of people. We create design solutions and marketing collateral materials for print and online media that convey your message in various languages.
Being in touch with your audience and sending the right message is essential to keeping ahead in a competitive market.

With this massive evolution in the corporate world, it has definitely become significant for your company to do something extremely remarkable and unique to grab the eyeballs. An aesthetically perfect visualisation of your brand identity can do just that. And, this is where a fascinating graphic illustration always has a plus point.

Theia Moira is the name you can rely upon to get this job done with subtle creativity. Here, the creative enthusiasts are always super-charged to craft illustration artwork, such as characters, mascots, and caricatures to accentuate a personalized yet enthralling feel from your brand’s identity. However, it all gets done with the aim to help your brand spread the magic. The magic that compels your prospects and potential customers to trust what your product/service has to offer.

So, if this is the result you expect your brand to deliver, give us a call.

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We are a flyer & leaflet designers and developers with a passion of creating designs with a unique and fresh approach, bringing innovation and creativity to every project we create. Theia Moira creation can fit seamlessly into you brand style or we can deliver something with a totally new aesthetic. We have designed hundreds of flyers design for all types of events and services. Flyer design is an easy and effective way to reach your audience. All we need from you is the details of what you need to promote on the flyer and any ideas you may have and we will do the rest.

By carefully considering and understanding our client’s needs, we work to ensure that we shape our clients visions by using creative flyer design and to capture their target audience.

So if your business requires professional flyers design management then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We create flyer design and that amplifies your key messages in a memorable and effective way. 

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As catalogue designers, we use our design, copywriting and brand positioning skills to create well laid out, beautiful catalogue design that doesn’t just look good – it delivers results.
From big multi-national corporations to local start-ups, our design expertise helps you inform, persuade and inspire action – you’ll engage a wider audience and turn readers directly into enquiries that convert.

A successful catalogue relies on a combination of great layout, strong photography and clearly set out product information. Good catalogue design must be informative and engaging, with visual and written content that your potential customers can grasp easily. Product specification areas in particular require an understanding of how to lay out data in a clear and concise way so it is easy for customers to reference and use.

A catalogue can also be a great way to increase traffic to your website and other digital channels in your marketing mix, maximising exposure to increase sales.

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Before you can introduce yourself, your audiences need to know who you are and what you stand for. And beautiful and effective logo design will help you do that, and more.
We can help you create a standout brand with distinctive and effective logo design and development. We embark on a detailed discovery process to understand your market, your competition and what factors we can bring into play to make your logo design unique and memorable.
From there, we will explore colour ways, typefaces, icons, and different graphic styles to create a range of stunning logo concepts. It’s then time for you to choose the idea that best fits your business and your goals.
After a detailed discussion with our creative team, we’ll make your logo available in a wide range of formats, both for digital and print.
To extend the range of your brand identity, we can also guide you with name generation, strapline development to reinforce your positioning, or establishing a brand architecture for the release of products and services under a parent brand.
Our clients trust us to provide winning logo designs that make their business instantly recognisable, reinforcing the credibility of their brand across multiple channels and media.

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One of the most effective ways of communicating in the 21st century is through the use of animated cartoons and caricatures. These two means of communication have now transmuted into two of the most effective tools of marketing in the modern world. Cartoons and caricatures effectively market businesses as they get attention from all age groups equally. The Theia Moira is working to enhance your marketing campaign by providing cartoon and caricature designing services.
At Theia Moira, we have some of the world’s most skilled cartoonists and artists to help “bring to life” your marketing campaign by providing you related services.
Our agency is on good terms with sources from over 200 different niches. We ensure our clients a large range of options to choose from when it comes to marketing products and/or services through cartoons and caricatures. We believe in contemporary technology and trends to suffice in controlling the competition from other businesses. Our experts and staff keep themselves updated with the latest technology and skills that maybe employed to serve you. Theia Moira is committed to provide you with nothing but the best of the present era.

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These days, when people believe in only what they see, it is impossible not to complicate things and display photographs straight away on the company’s website or other marketing tools. Photoshop editing is an essential stage of picture processing before it is displayed by any business. As Photoshop editing too needs skills and experts, Theia Moira provides a one stop solution for all your Photoshop issues.
We have been in this business for years and our Photoshop experts are now peerless in their knack. Besides providing you with flawless Photoshop editing to suit your needs they are also completely willing to train your own staff to help make the final pictures to be displayed look better than ever. The editors at our agency guarantee you nothing less than a picture that attracts more customers and maintains the clientele you already have.
Our Photoshop experts are ready to offer your own team guidelines pertaining to flawless Photoshop editing. Do not hesitate to contact us to avail our unmatched Photoshop editing services that are bound to give you an advantage over your competitors. 

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Posters are an integral part of our civic and business lives. Colours and graphics have always appealed to the human eye.
Despite the technological advancements in the marketing trends, posters have not lost their importance as a marketing tool.
Theia Moira provides poster design services that help you gain customers for your business.
Have you ever passed by a poster and never paid heed to it? You might not pay a lot of attention to every poster you see as you walk your way down the road, but the colours of one are sure to capture your eye and coerced you into reading the contents. In the 21st century, where electronic billboards and TVCs have taken over the role of paper as a means of marketing, posters still serve an important role in promoting products and/or services. Our agency is adept at using the right colours, graphics and texts for your posters to reinforce your marketing campaign.
We strive for nothing but excellence! We believe in diversity and the use of contemporary needs to make sure that your poster designs never lag behind. All our struggles are targeted at making your rise above your competitors in the market.

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Theia Moira is an innovative agency that is determined to provide you hassle-free presentation and info graphic designing.
Presentations and info graphics are pivotal to a company’s reputation. These types of presentation involve the incorporation of all forms of media, including sound and videos. To make the presentations for your company more striking, our presentation designers at Theia Moira have come together to create the most impeccable and balanced presentations that involve all forms of media. While many companies tend to overdo their presentations, our team provides you exactly what it takes for a presentation aid you in successfully marketing your product and/or service.
Info graphic designers our agency is skilled in what they do the best. They are totally familiar with the latest market demands and know what attracts the attention of the customers. Since info graphics are regarded as one of the most versatile marketing tools, our designers make sure they make the most out of the available information that has to be translated into info graphics.

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Theia Moira has a panel constituting experts that understand the dynamics of social media designing. With our skilled staff and up-to-date softwares, we are providing services to clients all across the globe to help them adapt to the latest marketing strategy via social media. In the present era, the whole world can be reached through the use of social media.
We help you design your social media content, and page in a manner that can help your brand go viral within no time at all. Our strategies are targeted at helping your social media content and campaign make it to the list of online trends. We optimise your marketing to fit in the social media environment that can help you reach customers all around the world. Forget all about territorial borders and other obstacles by availing our social media designing services to help you sustain an international consumer base.
Social media design is necessary as through social media you tend to be in direct contact with your clients and it is important that you make the process as easier as possible.

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The latest marketing trend is to have your brand or company’s logo printed on a t-shirt so that your brand can be promoted whenever someone dons the t-shirt. The idea is not a new one, but only a few companies have been able to make full use of this new trend. At Theia Moira, we design t-shirts for your company of business. Our t-shirt designs tend to be unique and of top quality to prevent the fading away of the design.
The witty writers in our agency can add a catchy phrase, if you wish them to, on the t-shirt besides the vividly printed company logo.
Our designers are not only creative with colours and illustrations, but also know what it takes to make the logo stay on the shirt for as long as the shirt can be worn.
Our designers know how to use the colours and patterns you choose to produce brilliant t-shirts that can be worn by the runners of your local marathon or other fund-raising events. For further information about our t-shirt designing services, feel free to get in touch with us.

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Experts suggest that business cards are timeless and should be designed to represent the company in the best manner possible.
The fact that business cards serve as a more personal marketing tool never makes them move out of the trends.
As the production costs involved in the making of business cards is usually low, it can be categorised as one of the most cost-effective managing strategies. These cards do not only articulate the personal information of the company owner or a company’s worker, but also serve to articulate the products and/or services provided by a company in a more personal fashion.
When encountering new clients, you might not always have the time to make them aware of all the aspects of your business or company. Offering them your business card means that you have provided them the license to contact you again when they wish to.

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A lot of businesses tend to underestimate the impact business stationery has on the business’s clients. During a meeting or when meeting one of your representatives, the first thing your client would be able to notice vividly will be your business stationery.
Business stationery is not only important when you need to attract new clients, but it happens to be one of the deciding factors when it comes to retaining your customers. For some of your clients, your characteristic business stationery might speak volumes about your professionalism and quality of your product and/or service. Our experts are well aware of the factors that lure more and more customers via business stationery and are honoured to provide you with their brilliant services.
Our promise is to help your business reach higher and higher by putting to use the latest software we own to meet all the contemporary needs of your business. The staff at Theia Moira is well-equipped with the skills to help your business stationery be a herald of the excellence of your product and/or service.

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Nowadays, people tend to go for products and/or services that have animated advertisements to help them learn well about the products and/or services.
We specialise in all sorts of designing services and have on board experts who are skilled to help you gain technological and creative superiority over your rivals.
By designing for you a 3D and 2D models of your product and/or service, we improve your marketing campaign. Simulation is one of the most successful modelling marketing tools that enable your customers to get a profound insight about the products and/or services you have to offer. Our 3D and 2D model designers work tirelessly to delve for new techniques to help you market your brand better.
The production of 3D and 2D models for your business, our agency helps you in expanding your consumer base as these models help save the time of your customers that is required to analyse a product.

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A book’s cover is the first thing that is going to attract a customer to the book. The way the book is packed, and the quality of the packaging is the next thing that is to determine the customer’s choice of either purchasing the book or not. It can very easily be said that no one would buy a book that did not have an appealing cover and packaging.
The experts at Theia Moira are not only well aware of the contemporary needs but are also equipped with skills that ensure impeccable book cover designing and packaging. Since we keep abreast with the latest trends in the market, we offer solutions that guarantee a business or a company a better position as compared to its competitors.
Customers are more attracted to the colours and design of the book cover that is visible when the book is displayed on a counter or a bookshelf. The text and illustrations on the cover that give a superficial idea about the theme make the customers decide about their purchase relatively quicker. .

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We love design. That’s a given, we’re designers. But all design is problem solving and we know that by identifying key business challenges, we can effectively tailor appropriate, innovative solutions.

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Each brand we work with gives us chance to create something unexpected, whether its a fresh voice for a brand narrative or visual experimentation to create a unique identity. Our process can flex to fit and help our client to grow.


We belive in thoughtful, appropriate design, a bold visual approach and being nice people to do business with. For us, there’s no point in creating something if it’s not going to look as wonderful as possible.

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Our graphic team love nothing more than transforming the imagination into reality. Our team specializes in branding, packaging, illustration, videos, and advertising.

We build brands from the ground up. Injecting life, personality and amazing stories. If you’re the next big start-up or an established brand needing an overhaul, we are ready.

Our team constantly evolve to keep our designs fresh and tasty. We strive to push boundaries that capture the attention of our clients’ audiences. We create work that people want to see.

We’re a multi-talented agency that delivers a complete brand makeover. Packaging, brand guidelines, stationery, vehicles, logos, adverts… if it needs to look good, we’ve got you covered.

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