Our Marketing and Communication department have some of the most experienced and creative people working within. We pridely provide clients with unparalleled service and delivering solutions that meet all our clients’ requirements. We have expertise in many industries. However, we primarily focus on four major verticals area in order to gain a depth of knowledge and understanding of your business. Integrated Martketing and Communciation services are: Consultancy, Video & Animation, Graphic Design and Avertising campaign.
Our dedicated web application development experts have delivered web applications across various industries such as healthcare, banking, retail, manufacturing, and telecommunications.

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Theia Moira has many web services that cater to all your business needs.

We are always on top of latest technologies and trends to deliver state-of-the-art website and applications and best user experience.
We have all the expertise you need to produce fully-fledged, stable, and scalable web or mobile applications. Agile approach, deep tech expertise are our keywords.
We design and build new products, but we also see value in modernising existing ones. From websites and apps to bots and portals, we research, concept, design and engineer digital products that not only focus on your customer’s needs, but elevate your brand experience.
It’s our belief that deeper, more diverse insights lead to better work.

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Theia Moira is a multidisciplinary full-service digital signage and graphics agency. We design and produce content on behalf of our clients. Our creative team’s expertise in Digital signage allows us to work in different media depending on the goal you want to achieve. We deliver image graphics, video editing, presentations and HTML5 to suit a variety of business requirements.
At Theia Moiral, our highly professional and experienced design team, will guide you through the whole process of designing and branding content, as if we are another department in your offices.
No one solution fits all, but in understanding your business we can give you the best advice to make your digital signage system content suit your needs.

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We take on board what our clients actually want and understand that marketing is so much more than just a single service. From email marketing to Instagram advertising, we cover the entire spectrum, fluidly implementing each strategy to compliment the next.
Theia Moira is a Performance Based, Results Driven Digital Marketing Agency in Malta, Europe and around the world. Unlike other agencies though, we work with companies of all shapes and sizes from all over the world to transform results, businesses and lives.
We’re keen to provide businesses across the globe with the services they require to build their brand and develop as an industry-leader. Check out our wide range of digital marketing services.

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Our publishing department is known for their efficient work and productivity. The staff is extremely client oriented and works very hard to ensure that the client is satisfied with the final version. Our internal staff works effectively with journals, blogs, websites and any other content required by the client. We give importance to every detail that is required and make sure that the demands of the customer are met. The department is equipped with state of the art technology that facilitates efficient working.
Our team of expert content creators have over 20 years of print and digital media experience.
From ghostwriting and editing services to full production, we can help you share your story.

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We offer conference, congress, convention, event planning, corporate event, trade fair and event in all European countries. We are also specialized in virtual events and hybrid events.
The Conference&Events team at Theia Moira actively promote from daylong company meetings to a weeklong international conference and event. We can handle all requirements and logistics to make your event a complete success. We will work on the venue finding and management, pre-conference/event registration, meet&greet services, exhibition stands, technical requirements, registration and hostess. We can also help you to create new and wanderful virtual events and virtual meeting.
Theia Moira has worked with global event planners for the past three years to integrate hybrid solutions into their live events.

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We help brands selling on Amazon maximize sales and profitability by providing complete strategy, management and operational services.
We help brands maximize their potential through our expertise, technology, focus, and scale that we have built with hundreds of brands over the past eight years. We provide complete strategy, management, and operational services to brands selling on Amazon, allowing our partners to focus on other business needs.
We are a full-service partner who helps brands maximize sales and profitability on Seller Central . We help brands make a move from Vendor Central to Seller Central, and we help brands already on Seller Central take their growth to the next level.

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The Right Tools For The Right Solution. Every Time.


Customer focus

At Theia Moira we put great emphasis on customer focus. We prioritise the need and complaints of clients, which are most critical when offering any business service.


Our company attends to all customers’ needs and requests with an aim to meet the agreed timelines. This is vital to deliver a great project with client’s satisfaction.


All our teams have antennas tuned to signals of change. At Theia Moira we have the ability to adapt to different levels of management and business environments.

We’re here to help your business blast off!

Creative Ideas, Innovation & Determination

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