Theia Moira, based in Malta, are a team of highly talented and experienced videographers. From development, production, creation and editing we work with your business to create eye catching advertisements, informative explainers, promotional videos and more that are tailor made for your business.
We’ve worked with a variety of clients from small local business, global corporations, charities, property management companies, advertising agencies, artists and more. With our hassle free and quick turn around times you’ll be amazed at how well our animated and live action productions come together. We take care of it all from A to Z.
And We Deliver. On Time. On Budget. And Above Expectations.

At the Theia Moira, we work with some of the most talented and gifted staff in the animation industry to offer superior services to our clients. If you have a brief idea about what you are looking for, just tell us and we will help you elaborate on it. Before we start work on animation, we will discuss different ideas with our clients in order to get a better idea of ​​what they want. Once we have a firm understanding, we will show them stills and pictures about how the video will look when it’s completed.

Once the basic idea has been established, we will get to work with the animation. Our expert animators and 3D artists will get to work on the basic idea and create a unique looking video, perfecting on your idea in the process. We understand that most people have difficulty in finding reliable and experienced animators for the job. That’s why our services at Theia Moira are so popular. We will guide you at every step of the way until your video is completed. If you want us to make editions or changes, we will be more than willing to help you out.

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Creating a commercial requires careful thought. You need to decide what the message of the video would be, what you are trying to promote, and how you will do it. A well-designed commercial video could really improve brand outreach and help your business succeed considerably.
At the Theia Moira, we have worked with some of the world’s biggest companies and helped them create a wide range of different videos. If you have an idea in your mind about the type of commercial video you want, we will work with you and expand on it. If you do not have any idea and only have a product to sell, we will work closely with you and help you develop a unique idea that will captivate audiences.
Commercial videos should not be confused with ordinary videos. Whereas ordinary videos are simplistic and straightforward, a commercial needs to be engaging and unique, all while being relatively short. In just a minute or two, you need to convince the audience that the product you are selling is actually worth buying.

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Editing a video is all about trimming the useless parts and making sure that the video looks good. Similarly, post production focuses on the addition of any effects in the video and adding any digital art to the frames. At the Theia Moira, we provide detailed editing and post production services to our clients.
At the Theia Moira, we have worked on television programs, short movies and have worked with filmmakers from all over the globe.
Unlike traditional video editing agencies, we follow a very agile model. Once we receive the unedited clip, we tend to work closely with our clients during the editing phase. We will create an edit decision list that includes all of the things to be added or removed from the clip.
We understand that post production often takes longer than the actual shooting of the film itself. Before we start work on any project, we will first go over the film and give you an estimated completion date. Throughout the process, we will continue to update you with the progress of the work done, so that you are always kept in the loop.

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Whether you want to provide an intro for a business, a story, an event or another video, you will need to make it engaging, unique and stylish. Capturing the audience early on is important if you want to maximize the impact of what you are going to show next. We will help you create stunning intro videos that will captivate your audience!

The Theia Moira was created as a multi-faceted company that provides a wide range of different services.

Unlike traditional videos, intro videos are supposed to be a bit more revealing. You want to leave the viewer on edge once the video is complete so that they begin to anticipate what’s to come next. We can help you create just that.
We work with professionally qualified directors and experts in order to create quality videos. The video department at Theia Moira is highly popular, and we have had plenty of experience in creating stylish videos.
We tend to work together our clients so that they are fully satisfied with what we have to offer.

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At the Theia Moira, we can help you create stunning stop motion videos with intricate details.

Stop motion videography requires time and a lot of effort. Because every single frame needs to be individually shot, the first step is to create a brief idea of the type of video you want. Once you have a clear picture of what you are looking for, we will decide upon the models and the sets to be used. The stop motion figures need to be physically manipulated after every scene. Needless to say, this requires a whole lot of effort.

When a client approaches us for creating a stop motion video, we will first discuss the details with them about what they want. Are you looking for a stop motion video in order to market your brand, or do you simply want to film a creative video in order to deliver a message? Coming to the right conclusion is essential if you want to maximize your outreach. We will help you do just that.

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Animated demo videos are a broad form. They can show people how to navigate through a website or registration process. Or demonstrate all the features of a new piece of technology. They can even be used to train up an entire workforce. If you want your instructions to be remembered, an animated demo video can help.
The addition of animation and motion graphics is what makes a demo video really shine. It can depict abstract concepts that live action might struggle with, distil information into dynamic infographics, and closely align visuals with a brand’s identity to make communications more cohesive.
At Theia Moira, we’ve been lucky to create animated demo videos for some fantastic clients and there is a fine art to designing a successful one! It needs to be powerful, emotive, action-based, informational but not too sales focused. Quite a balance!

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The practise of creating an animated character to represent a product, brand or service is known as character-driven animation.
Character animation will also enhance the effect and impression of a story. An audience can quickly become emotionally attached to an animated character
Including a character animation in a video will also help it stand out from other videos and ensure the viewer finds it memorable.
This could lead to conversations and shares on social networking sites, invoking a sense of community around your brand.
What a character looks like and how they come across can determine whether your video is a success or not. Between them our incredible team of 2D and 3D designers have years of experience creating memorable animated characters for brand videos. Using their expertise and the latest animation techniques they will work with you to create an animated character that reflects the ethos of your brand and message you are trying to convey.

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This is an innovative, short form and digestible piece of content that helps summarise topics and key points from the event into a flowing piece of content ready for the avid viewer online.
An event highlight animation takes recorded audio from your talk, presentation or interview and augments it into the world of animation. You can access a wide audience with your topic of conversation and the story that is being told. Also, an event highlight animation can help bring the event into new spaces both online and offline.
In addition to sharing an event highlight animation within your regular content circles and channels, it also benefits from its appeal to others. Your animation becomes an asset that can be shared on the various speakers’ own channels. Who doesn’t want to have an illustrated character of themselves? If it shows them off in a high production manner without any effort on their part. This is free marketing for them and extra promotion for you.

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As a motion graphics agency it’s unsurprising that motion graphics are becoming the preferred medium of choice for companies when communicating with staff, stakeholders and customers. Video is fun, engaging and more memorable than documents too.
When it comes to choosing the right animation style for a corporate video or sales message, motion graphics remain a popular choice.
The way we consume messages continues to change as technology evolves, and animation styles are becoming more innovative and exciting all the time. These days, almost half of consumers would rather watch a video than read the same information in a traditional text format.
Motion graphics are very versatile, so they’re a great option to include within your video marketing strategy. Their versatility lends itself to creating elegant professional videos or more quirky, abstract pieces.
The only limit to your use of motion graphics is your imagination.

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An social media animation video is designed to live on social channels. This means short, sharp bursts of content that grab people’s attention as they scroll through their feed.
As well as grabbing attention, video content can also make social media messages more memorable. The human brain finds it much easier to compute visuals than text, so a video is processed more effortlessly (and in less time) than any other form. That means audiences are more likely to engage with a social media video than they would with a static image or text update.
The main aim for businesses is connecting with their customers. This, in turn, helps you stay at the front of their minds. One great way to do this is creating purpose made content for social media. This doesn’t have to come in the form of a huge big budget marketing campaign. It can be as simple as making something interesting for the company that can be used again and again.

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